Meet Christian Entwan Ngwazi Fashion Designer

Kwacha had to meet Entwan and ask him about his life with fashion designing.Here are some Questions we had to ask him.

When did you start Fashion Design? “I Started Fashion design early 2015

What inspired you? “I was inspired by my uncle and the people around me…..and far mostly it was my family

Who is your Role Model? “My role model is Dolce and Gabbana

What are some of the struggles you face with Designing? “Malawian people still don’t understand what being a fashion designer is….So they come to you with already mada thing saying you should design for them

See some of the His fashion Designs from WAFE 2017


How to Contact Entwan

Instagram: @Christian_entwan_clothing Facebook: Christian Entwan Clothing Mobile: +265 888 58 65 52 / +265 993 07 50 24